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The BIGGER Picture…(Get Up Get Out)

So I wrote a song on my brand new Lanakai Ukulele one beautiful summer’s morning, two years ago. Having been feeling a little sorry for myself and slightly deluded with my musical life, I was delighted to hook up with some old friends for a little light relief. We were all down in the sunny south east aka Wexford, over here in Ireland. Picture the scene…dinner out on the deck with plenty of vino to wash it all down and the obligatory singsong into the wee small hours… It cheered me up BIGTIME.

Aren’t friends great I thought to myself as I strummed my ukulele, watching their smiling faces. The next morning I was up with the dawn and as I was finishing my cornflakes, the uke started winking at me (and no, I wasn’t drunk.) I took it in my arms and started strumming and humming. The sky was blue with the promise of another glorious sunny day.

The melody of this song wrote itself. The lyrics, surprisingly just flowed, effortlessly. Not much re-writing to be done here. I decided to call it ‘The Bigger Picture’ taken from the lyrics. Catchy, I thought. Ya see what happens when I’m in a good mood!! I recorded it onto my handy Zoom Q3 recorder a couple of times, to just really get comfortable with the melody.

It sounded great. I then transferred it to the guitar and played it… Sweet!!… I was buzzing!! When I got back to Dublin, I fooled around with it a bit, singing out loud, the many harmonies that were whirling around in my head. Then, I never played it again… The uke more or less stayed on its stand and never winked at me again. That’s until a few weeks ago when I revisited that same song. To be continued…………..

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