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The Bigger Picture..Revisited..(Get Up Get Out)

One morning I woke up with a song in my head. It being one of my own, (The Bigger Picture), I decided to revisit a previous little demo of it, which I had recorded on my Zoom Q3.  As I said in an earlier post, this song was written on holidays, on a sunny day after a few beers with some friends. And it was written on the ukulele!!

I played this song for a while to get comfortable with it. I had a brand new uke that I was beginning to fall in love with and all was sounding sweet. After a short while, I left it alone, for a long time. Circumstances changed in my life, far beyond my control, and a happy summer’s day was the furthest from my mind.

However, a good song doesn’t just go away. And a great song never ever deserts you. I took my little Zoom Q3 recording of the song into Peter Fitzpatrick’s studio and we started to lay down some guitars, Hammond Organ and vocals. For some reason, I can’t really remember why, but Kirsty McColl was rolling around my head all day. And when I think of her, I always think of delicious vocals and harmonies.

With no electric guitar player to lash out a memorable solo, I decided to give the vocals a chance to shine. They made the track sound upbeat and hooky and sweet, the way a pop song should sound. Yes for a ukulele song, this was starting to sound quite ‘Poptastic’!!

As this is only the demo, there are no drums on it. However the tambourine, that hung on a nail on the wall was screaming at me to use it. Peter said ‘Go for it’. So I did, thinking of Kirsty all the way.

The Bigger Picture is a song written about and out of frustration. When life doesn’t go according to your musical plan, when you have to once again go back to the drawing board. But then you start to see the light, not at the end of a long tunnel, but in the tunnel, everyday. Yep it’s ok to have big dreams even the ones that don’t come true (yet) and it’s damn fine to be alive.

When ‘The Bigger Picture’ became ….. ‘Get Up Get Out’… To Be Continued

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