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Get Up Get Out….The Making of the Video!!

Having gone into the studio and recorded ‘Get Up Get Out’, I decided that I needed a great video to really ‘showcase’ the song. I was introduced to Susan Gleeson, the videographer and editor on this project some months earlier. I had seen her work and I knew that she was the right person to bring this to fruition.


We began by having our production meetings in a cool, vibrant coffee shop, Simon’s Place, where we both drank gallons of tea as we poured over the lyrics, thrashing out ideas. We quickly realised that we were ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. We spoke about the idea of me singing my heart out on the street, urban culture, crowd participation, designing colourful signs, getting a few friends abroad involved and basically having fun! I think we ticked all the boxes there.


So the main ingredient for an upbeat, energetic, ‘poptastic’ video is of course an upbeat, energetic, ‘poptastic’ song. Well we knew we had that in the bag. All we needed now was some sunshine!! So we waited and we waited…………………and we waited. Welcome to our Irish Summer.
We got what we thought was our lucky break early in June. So I headed into Dublin City Centre to meet up with Susan, to start the shoot. Armed with my guitar, cd player and plenty of colourful signs, Susan with her camera, we headed to Stephen’s Green Park. It was so cool, everyone lounging around, soaking up the sun, eating ice-cream…pure summer-heaven.


We found our location in the park and I set up the cd player. As I strapped on my guitar, I have to say I was very nervous about singing and generally throwing shapes (you have to throw a few shapes in a video). I didn’t want to impose on anyone’s quiet sunny lunchtime. I needn’t have worried. Susan with her camera, lined up the shot and as I pressed ‘play’, the sun went in. Again we waited and waited. Susan shot a few takes before making the ‘executive decision’ to postpone the shoot. So we went to the pub.
On the second day of the shoot, we met up, again with all our equipment. The weather was outrageously sunny. We were on a winner. We went back to the park and got the shots we had planned. We really wanted people to come on board, shake our colourful signs and sing along. How difficult could that be? A little, to be honest. We tried to cajole every passer-by into helping us out. Some looked at us as if we were out of our minds. Others just looked embarrassed and shied away. The heat, have I mentioned the heat yet? It was scorching. Yes out of a miserable summer, we got the most glorious day to shoot.


We moved from the park down to Trinity College, where we knew there would be a lot of activity. We struck gold!! I spotted a tour group of kids who happened to be from Maryland, USA and asked them if they would join in. Their leader said we can only give you five minutes maximum. To which I replied that the song is only three minutes fourteen seconds long. We got the go ahead. With only one take, boy did they deliver…shiny happy people, singing and dancing along and shaking our colourful signs for dear life.
Susan also got some great shots of me in the Pavillion area of the college, sitting on the grass, playing along to the track. At this point, my stage nerves about singing along to the cd while folks sunbathed were well and truly gone.
By late afternoon we decided to call it a day. I had to get home to the boy (Texas, more about him in a later blog). And honestly, we were both starting to melt. We felt we had enough footage at this stage, especially as I had put a shout out to some friends abroad to do a little filming, singing along to the song.
After the video contributions from abroad started to come in, we decided that it was worth our while to shoot a little more footage. We needed something to bring it all together. Ok we had me with my guitar slung over my shoulder. We had our signs. But it was that ‘urban street’ idea that was still rattling around in our heads… a backdrop of some kind would be ideal.


Light Bulb Moment!! So I hoped on the bus, headed downtown to meet Susan and lo and behold, there it was ‘The Wall’… Now had I’d been sitting on the other side of the bus, I’d have missed it completely!! The God’s were smiling on us again that day and the sun was too.
We set up the shot, I sang my heart out and Susan got the goods. We knew we had something just as colourful and bright as the song is. We weren’t stopping there!! Full of confidence and ambition now, we persuaded lots of people to shake our signs…Smile and sing along…We had happy girls on holidays from Germany and Italy. We had florists, tattooed dudes, cool dudes and me in the middle of it all. We even tried to get the police to participate. But that was above and beyond their call of duty!!
By mid- afternoon, we knew we had all we needed. My work was done. Susan, on the other hand was only half way through the project. Editing time!!
Editing ‘Get Up, Get Out’ was a lot of fun. The song is such a great summer song, so colour & sunshine was very important. The track also has a great rhythm and a build-up so I had to make sure that it was cut to the rhythm of the song & that the edit and the cuts also built up as the song does. I chose the most colourful, happy shots that we had and as I worked through it, it actually came together very naturally. I really do love how the video looks & I think it’s a great match for the song“….. Susan Gleeson.


Well there you have it folks. We achieved what we both set out to do. We have our colourful, upbeat, ‘Poptasic’ video, the perfect accompaniment for the new single, ‘Get Up Get Out’. Check it out!!

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