Celine Carroll / Songwriter & Performer

Itch – Celine Carroll

Celine Carroll has a well-travelled voice full of emotion and warmth, and through the use of delicious harmonies in tracks like ‘Grey Sky Blue’ she really comes into her own. ‘Itch’ has a cool swagger through its opening bars that alternates with a soulful catchy section that turns infectious in a jiffy. With musicians of the calibre of Jerry Fehily and Maire Breathnach lending a hand this album is a real thing of beauty. ‘Home’ is more uptempo than either, with echoes of Fairground Attraction and Beautiful South. A real gem.

Visit ‘Itch’ on iTunes now to preview all the songs on this album and get your copy. If you would prefer to purchase a CD just email Celine at info@celinecarroll.com.

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