Celine Carroll / Songwriter & Performer

Catch You As You Fall – Celine Carroll

Celine’s debut album ‘Catch You As You Fall’ was produced by Declan Sinnott and features 11 self- penned songs ranging from the full-bodied ‘Blame This World’ to the pure sound of ‘Innocence Lost’. Tinged with a touch of country, tracks like ‘Fence’ and ‘Human Touch’, give the listener the oportunity to examine their own thoughts and question that old human condition of time-wasting and ‘the grass is always greener on…’. This album is a wonderful debut from an artist who definitely has plenty more songs in her heart to share.

Visit ‘Catch You As You Fall’ on iTunes now to preview all the songs on this album and get your copy. If you would prefer to purchase a CD just email Celine at info@celinecarroll.com.

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