Celine Carroll / Songwriter & Performer


Hi Folks,
Celine here. I am a Singer, Songwriter and Performer from Dublin, Ireland. Music is my passion in life. Ok for some folks, it’s food, for others, it’s fitness. But for me, it is and will always be music. Although I do like my food and try hard(ish) to stay fit!!

I’ve been writing and performing my own music for over twenty years now. I have recorded and self-released three albums so far. (Working on my new one at the mo). My latest Single release ‘Get Up Get Out’ has been getting buckets of airplay both here in Ireland and in the UK, which will always have me dancing around my kitchen!

My musical influences are vast and varied. Having grown up in a house where music was part of my staple diet, I had music from the Great American Songbook, to the Beatles, to Bacharach & David to Motown (getting the picture?) to whatever was in the Top Twenty Chart, dished up to me on a daily basis (with some carrots and peas on the side).

Why do I write music, you may ask. Well it’s all about creating something new that was never there before and will always be there forever. It’s as simple as that. It is also my guide, my advisor, my ‘counsellor’, if I can use that word. Music is a kind of paradox for me. It has broken me on many an occasion. But it has also been my own personal saviour. Yep that’s how I see it.

Oh yeah, and music is great to have around, when you want to take a dance with someone, especially a slow Motown song. Just sayin’.

‘’ We don’t really need another singer songwriter, but when
they’re this good you just have to re arrange the furniture and make room ‘’
Jackie Hayden, Hotpress Magazine

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